December 24th, 2016

A floor with glass tiles makes for a very unique floor. The light reflects back up at you, which is the opposite of what we’re used to in a room. It is very stylish and considered a high end floor. It would be difficult to find anything this sparkly and beautiful to put on a floor except for glass tiles.

Floor Glass Tiles

To achieve the beautiful look of a floor glass tile, you need to use glass tiles that are specifically designed for floors. It needs to be tough and not shatter when you drop something on it or chip and cut your foot. Our salesperson at US Hardwood and Carpet will help you select something that will give you years and years of wear.

When selecting your color of tiles, it is best that you select a few colors and not just one. The extra colors should be close to the original color you want, but not exactly the same. This will add some depth to the bounced light effect that glass floors are famous for. The glass tiles will usually come with some other colors included, so you do not need to pick them out.

Size Matters

You will be offered a variety of sizes of tiles from 1” mosaic style tiles to 18” glass squares. You need to see the difference this makes on a floor. Put a few of them down and step back to look at them. You are going to get a lot more light reflection and sparkle from the smallest tiles. The large tiles will be a more subtle effect that will help brighten a room.

Call today to speak to one of our salespeople about using floor glass tiles in your home. You might want to stop by our showroom so that we can show you all of the options that are available.

Discount Wood flooring Ideas without the Danger

Most everyone loves hardwood floors, but they are more expensive than other flooring choices, usually. Many customers are tempted to go to a discount wood flooring shop like Lumber Liquidators. But, places like that don’t follow laws sometimes and end up putting their customers’ health at risk. There are some things you can do drive costs down, so that you can use a legitimate hardwood contractor.

Discount Wood Flooring

Discount wood flooring is not an option these days, as the ever evolving Lumber Liquidators scandal has shown us. But, there are things you can do to get costs down so that you can have hardwood floors in your home without huge costs.

The first thing you might do is consider having your hardwood flooring in only some of the rooms in your home. This was how families afforded to put carpeting in their homes when that became the big fad. They carpeted the living room and left the bedrooms with just the hardwood flooring. These days we’re over the carpeting craze and want hardwood. So, you can do the opposite by putting hardwood flooring in the living room and leaving the rest with carpet.

Another idea is to use vinyl. There is a vinyl product that looks just like hardwood flooring. It is a beautiful look and it holds up far better than real wood. Plus, you don’t have to refinish it periodically. This vinyl can save you an awful lot of money and is close to the look of the real thing.

US Hardwood and Carpet

Give us a call at US Hardwood and Carpet and we’ll go over these options and many others, so that you don’t have to take chances with your health by installing discount wood flooring.

Carpet Care Tips to Keep It Gorgeous and Long Lasting

Carpet care goes beyond just vacuuming now and then. Carpeting is a little more work than just a quick mop for vinyl flooring, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing new flooring for your home.

Carpet Care

Most homeowners think that a weekly vacuum is all the carpet care that needs to be done. While regular vacuuming is certainly important, there is a little bit more to do if you want it to look like new for many years.

High traffic areas need to be protected. While some will put down long strips of heavy plastic in entryways, you don’t have to go so commercial looking. You can get a beautiful runner rug that adds a lovely accent design and a little color to your room. It is easy to clean the rug when it becomes soiled, leaving your carpet clean underneath. Just remember to vacuum under the runner each time you vacuum.

Clean your carpet regularly, particularly if you have pets. Cats and dogs can make quite the mess of carpet even when they are well potty-trained. They track dirt in from outside, leave a shadow of dirt from their coat on their favorite floor spots to relax and their hair and dander go deep into the carpet. It is recommended that a pet household should have the carpet professionally cleaned at least every six months. If you have more than one pet then it will likely be every 3 months.

Carpet odors can happen even in the best of homes. Cigar or cigarette smoking, cooking odors, pet accidents and other crimes against carpet flooring just happen. To take care of these odors you need to call a professional carpet cleaner periodically. Never use powders on your carpet. They tend to gum up the carpet and reduce its life.

Cheap Tiles for Kitchen Floors

Think twice before you order up cheap tiles for kitchen floors. While going discount might be just what you need when flipping a house or when putting in flooring in a room that is rarely used, your own kitchen has some special needs. Here are some tips that will keep you happy with your new kitchen flooring for years.

Cheap Tiles for Kitchen Floors

If you’re going to go with cheap tiles for your kitchen floor then it isn’t going to hold up to the traffic, the spills or the dropping of heavy pots. So, going with a porcelain tile that is grooved for nonslip is probably going to work out beautifully or you can opt for another type of flooring that is designed specifically for the rough wear and tear of the kitchen.

Where to purchase your tile flooring is also important. Many don’t know this, but the big box hardware stores are generally selling tile rejects or “seconds.” They won’t tell you this, but upon install you might start seeing cracks and other issues immediately. So, don’t waste your money there. Use a professional flooring contractor who has access to the perfect tile flooring that you have imagined for your kitchen. Granted, sometimes an inexperienced worker can be blamed for the cracked tiles, but many times it is a problem with the tile itself.

By spending a little more for tiles that are made properly and are not seconds, you’ll have a beautiful floor in your kitchen without problems for years to come. You’ll also have better color options when you use an experienced flooring contractor like US Hardwood Flooring and Carpet. You don’t have to deal with the cheap tiles for kitchen floors and the problems that they generate for homeowners.

Homes with Hardwood Floors Offer Value and Convenience

Homes with hardwood floors roared back to popularity at the early part of this century, in part due to growing health concerns. Many realized that housing’s standard of wall-to-wall carpeting can contribute to allergy and asthma difficulties in some individuals. Home buyers started looking for hardwood floor solutions on the market, and existing homeowners started considering resale demand.

Cleaning Homes with Hardwood Floors

Homes with hardwood floors, in addition to reducing allergens, add convenience when cleaning, especially with busy modern lifestyles. Gone are the days when a spilled cup of coffee or dirty boots became a permanent part of a room’s decor. Brooms and dry mops replace the need for chemical stain lifters and constant vacuuming.

“We call it stress-free living,” Miguel Berger, a real estate professional in Albany, N.Y. told Money magazine in a 2016 article discussing resale values. “The younger generation in particular would much rather spend their time entertaining at home than fussing over it.”

But hardwood floor owners also clean up when it comes to resell values. The Money magazine article estimates that installing hardwood floors can boost a sale price between 3 percent and 5 percent. A 2016 MacWoods survey of interior designers also found 76 percent of those surveyed recommended hardwood as a boost to resale value. In addition to durability and ease of cleaning, hardwood floors often provide that “blank slate” real estate agents stress when showing homes. Neutral floor coloring, such as red oak, white oak and pine allow potential buyers to imagine their styles within a home. Recent trends with younger buyers include wider wood planks and wood with less noticeable grains, such as bamboo.

Homes with hardwood floors can reduce your cleaning while boosting your resale value. If it’s time for you to explore your options, visit us at U.S. Hardwood and Carpet.

Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tiles Update Mid-Century Design

Bathroom floor mosaic tiles reigned supreme in Mid-Century Modern design. Geometric patterns, starburst and custom art graced hundreds of bathrooms through from the 50s through the 70s. And while other Mid-Century elements like the furry toilet tank covers stay safely in nostalgia, unique tile patterns are again bringing mod to modern.

Updating Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tiles

While bathroom floor mosaic tiles now fill showrooms, much of the inspiration comes from classic home themselves. Renovation trends uncovered affection for placing tiles in patterns. It also marked a departure from the “standard” size tiles of the past few decades. As people discovered the appeal of unique circular, hexagon and rectangular tiles, they found opportunities to express more creativity in bathrooms and powder rooms.

One style of the last few years that transitioned with this artistic trend is keeping tiles in a natural shade palette when constructing mosaics. Some may still find the 1950s pinks charming, but many extend the “spa-like” settings with earth tones. Mosaics also seem to marry well with the recent popularity of sea glass tiles. When arranged with motion, these magical translucent tiles bring the calmness and serenity of ocean waves into floors, backsplashes and even shower stalls.

Those wanting a bit more character look toward creating mosaic scenes, often depicting regional influences or even hobbies. The addition of computer-assisted design now takes a lot of the guesswork out of these projects. However, we always advise consulting a professional experienced in mosaic design before undertaking any detailed art venture. No one wants their desire for a shower porpoise unveiled as a misshaped, gray gorilla.

Bathroom floor mosaic tiles allow homeowners to add character into one of the most unlikely areas of the home. Contact U.S. Hardwood and Carpets and let us help you have some fun and creative expression with this timeless art.

Antique Wood Flooring and Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Antique wood flooring can look incredible in a home whether it is a remodel of a very old house or a new one. If you love that rich, rough, lived-in look then this type of flooring is certainly one to check out. But, go in with your eyes open, because there are things to watch out for.

Antique Wood Flooring

To get that antique wood flooring look, most flooring installers buy reclaimed wood. No, they are not out razing barns. The installers purchase reclaimed wood flooring from a manufacturer that specializes in this type of flooring product.

Not all manufacturers of reclaimed wood are equal. You need to make sure that the manufacturer has treated the wood to kill any insects in it, like termites or other damaging insects. In addition to that, the boards need to be properly milled and all boards need to be straight without warping. These boards can be salvaged from bowling alleys, old structures like barns and other buildings that withstood many decades of weathering. A good manufacturer will process only the best boards to make flooring for a home.

While it feels great to recycle an antique wood floor or reclaim an old barn, there might be a nasty surprise. A hundred years ago, and maybe not as long ago as that, many very toxic chemicals were used on wood floors. So, the wood needs to be tested for toxic compounds. Our homes are very sealed up from air these days, we no longer have gaps in walls and windows to provide ventilation. This can make a toxic compound in flooring deadly. So, again, make sure a reputable manufacturer is used to purchase this antique wood flooring. You need to see past the wood’s beauty and be sure it is the right flooring for your home.

Cleaning of Bathroom Tiles Made Easy

Cleaning of bathroom tiles can be easy or difficult. It really doesn’t have to be as expensive or as difficult as most people think it is. Here are some of the tricks the better housekeepers keep to themselves.

Cleaning of Bathroom Tiles

It doesn’t take long for your pretty tiled bathroom walls, floor and shower enclosure to look just gummy and awful. This is because soaps, shampoos, hairsprays and other hair products leave a light film on your tile. This makes your tile a little scummy looking after a while. But, there are some pretty slick ways to do the cleaning of your bathroom tiles that nobody has told you about.

Citric acid

You may know citric acid as something you add to peaches when you’re canning, but this is one natural and amazing substance for household cleaning. Mix 1 cup of citric acid to ½ gallon of water. Dip a rag into the solution and wipe down your tiles. If there is heavy build up then you’ll need to use a scrub brush. This solution will cut right through soap scum. The citric acid makes a chemical reaction that breaks apart soap scum. Rinse the tiles when done.


Vinegar is also an acid that is momma’s big helper. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in a ½ gallon of water. Soak a rag in it then wipe down all surfaces of your bathroom. Everything will take on a shine that will make it look like new.

Keeping Tile Shiny

These tricks should help you with cleaning of bathroom tiles and keeping your tiles looking amazing. You can purchase citric acid in bulk very inexpensively at brewing supplies stores or soap making supplies companies online. It is also edible. Most tart candies, artificial lemon juice and lemonade products are made with citric acid. Every home needs to have a pound of this stuff around.

Types of Flooring for Bathrooms

Narrowing down types of flooring for bathrooms means focusing on one word: humidity. Bathroom floors need to withstand everyday use, overflow threats, as well as the humidity buildup that comes along with steamy bathrooms.

Types of Flooring for Bathrooms

Researching types of flooring for bathrooms feels very similar to choosing kitchen flooring. It must prove durable, resist water and withstand stains. Don’t think bathroom stains are a problem? Ask anyone who’s dropped a bottle of makeup foundation. While the priority is lasting wear, give some thought to surface comfort. Keep in mind, though, that you usually don’t stand as long in bathrooms as in kitchens.

Ceramic tiles offer a great waterproof, easy-too-clean solution. With a variety of sizes and shapes, ceramic tiles boast everything from a sleek contemporary look to Victorian and French Country charm. Ceramic tiles can prove chilly in cooler climates, unless you’ve invested in radiant heating. Also, always select ceramic tiles with at least a small amount of texture to prevent bathroom slips.

Vinyl flooring delivers one of the easiest and least expensive bathroom makeovers. Some people find the installation simple enough to undertake themselves. And, forget your memories of mid-century avocado green vinyl. Today’s vinyl often mimics ceramic tile and natural surfaces. Many find this extremely durable flooring the perfect solution for young children’s bathrooms.

While you may love the rustic look of wood in a bathroom, moisture and wood do not mix. You might consider laminate, or even better, an engineered wood. These provide some water resistance, even if still vulnerable to standing water.

Exploring types of flooring for bathrooms actually offer you many more choices than in years’ past. As long as you keep some degree of humidity resistance in mind, you enjoy a wide range of options for styles and budgets.

Wrinkles in Carpet

Wrinkles in carpet produce a pain in the neck – often literally. One stumble in the dark over a carpet crease can cause big trouble. Luckily, professionals often easily fix this situation without costly, total replacements. To start, find out what caused the wrinkle in the first place.

Wrinkles in Carpet – Why?

Wrinkles in carpet appear from two main sources: installation issues and moisture. You can easily identify moisture. Standing water from incidents such as a water heater or roof leak obviously becomes a prime suspect. However, some wrinkles also appear or increase after steam cleaning with too wet of a setting. Both amateurs and professional cleaners often make this mistake, leaving buckled carpets in their wake. Improper installation stems from insufficient stretching or improperly securing carpets. An improper pad installed below the carpet may also lead to carpet bunching.

How does identifying a carpet wrinkle’s source help you fix your problem? If moisture is the issue, try thoroughly drying the carpet to restore its shape prior to making any maintenance decisions. A flooring professional can identify if the initial installation failed to property stretch or secure a carpet. They can also help you determine if your pad should be replaced. Even if stretched tight and attached again, carpet over an inferior or ill-suited pad will continue to buckle and wrinkle in the future. All carpets bear manufacturers’ pad specification, depending on the style. Buying too thick of padding may seem like a more comfortable option, but can actually pull carpet from its tack strip.

Wrinkles in carpet cause design blemishes and endanger your family and guests. It’s best to identify your carpet problem’s source and fix it as soon as possible. Enjoy the beauty and comfort you intended with your purchase, as well as safety.