Selecting the Best Flooring for Bathrooms

When you are selecting the best flooring for bathrooms, you need to go a bit beyond the standard considerations for flooring. Be sure to consider how well the floor handles moisture and how easy it is to clean. Three materials top the list.

Ceramic Tile as the Best Flooring for Bathrooms

Ceramic tiles are often considered optimal and the best flooring for bathrooms, thanks to the variety of styles, sizes and colors. Ceramic tile stands up to water and use. Depending on the style and grout you select, it can be easily installed. It is easy to keep clean, adds an upscale look to the bathroom and maintains its beauty for a long time

Laminate Flooring Highlights Existing Decor

If you’re surprised that laminate flooring can be the best flooring choice for a bathroom, don’t be. The top rugged “wear layer” of laminate flooring is very strong and the bonding that holds the layers together can resist moderate moisture and spills.

Laminate flooring is attractive, easy to clean and because it is attractive, it extends your home’s décor. If it gets overly moist, however, it can mean an entire “redo” of the flooring, so many people consider it better for a half bath than one with a shower or tub.

Always Popular Vinyl

Vinyl offers many styles and colors, it is easy to clean, install and is generally economical. Many people like the “feel” of vinyl, because the soft backing provides a nice give when you walk. Still, it is vinyl and can be perceived as a lower-end choice.

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for bathrooms, you have great choices. While there is no perfect solution for every home, this is one element of your home that can easy fit function, décor and budget.

Hardwoods Can Be Your Best Kitchen Floor Options

Selecting the best kitchen floor options is a very important part of your décor for many reasons, the key being that the kitchen is likely to be the soul of your house. It will see a lot of use, a lot of traffic and set the tone for many of your family’s events.

While many people first consider cork, stone, tile and vinyl (all excellent choices), it is increasingly stylish to choose hardwood flooring.

Why Hardwood Ranks Amongst the Best Kitchen Floor Options

Today’s home buyers and home owners consider wood a popular option and the best kitchen floor options. Not only because of the variety of looks available, but because wood “feels like home” to many people and feels natural to the feet. It also handles active lifestyles and extends the décor of your home.

Wood requires some care – especially in keeping it clean. But if you have ever walked into an older home and been impressed with the beautiful hardwood floors, you understand the elegance that makes wood floors a choice that never goes out of style.

Considering Hardwoods

Because wood is always in style, your initial investment will last through decades of use and lifestyle changes. Whether you go with maple or oaks, pin or even a more exotic wood such as Brazilian cherry or teak, you can match wood to your personal taste.

An important consideration is that wood floors need some special care: sweep them regularly, dust them, don’t drag anything across them, and always clean up spills quickly. In the rare plumbing emergency in your kitchen, you’ll need to make haste to avoid long-term damage.

Yet, despite some extra care, wood floors are a perennial popular choice and the best kitchen floor options. Warm, welcoming and a joy to walk into, hardwoods can be flooring you will enjoy and that will support the beauty and value of your home.