Antique Wood Flooring and Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Antique wood flooring can look incredible in a home whether it is a remodel of a very old house or a new one. If you love that rich, rough, lived-in look then this type of flooring is certainly one to check out. But, go in with your eyes open, because there are things to watch out for.

Antique Wood Flooring

To get that antique wood flooring look, most flooring installers buy reclaimed wood. No, they are not out razing barns. The installers purchase reclaimed wood flooring from a manufacturer that specializes in this type of flooring product.

Not all manufacturers of reclaimed wood are equal. You need to make sure that the manufacturer has treated the wood to kill any insects in it, like termites or other damaging insects. In addition to that, the boards need to be properly milled and all boards need to be straight without warping. These boards can be salvaged from bowling alleys, old structures like barns and other buildings that withstood many decades of weathering. A good manufacturer will process only the best boards to make flooring for a home.

While it feels great to recycle an antique wood floor or reclaim an old barn, there might be a nasty surprise. A hundred years ago, and maybe not as long ago as that, many very toxic chemicals were used on wood floors. So, the wood needs to be tested for toxic compounds. Our homes are very sealed up from air these days, we no longer have gaps in walls and windows to provide ventilation. This can make a toxic compound in flooring deadly. So, again, make sure a reputable manufacturer is used to purchase this antique wood flooring. You need to see past the wood’s beauty and be sure it is the right flooring for your home.

Cleaning of Bathroom Tiles Made Easy

Cleaning of bathroom tiles can be easy or difficult. It really doesn’t have to be as expensive or as difficult as most people think it is. Here are some of the tricks the better housekeepers keep to themselves.

Cleaning of Bathroom Tiles

It doesn’t take long for your pretty tiled bathroom walls, floor and shower enclosure to look just gummy and awful. This is because soaps, shampoos, hairsprays and other hair products leave a light film on your tile. This makes your tile a little scummy looking after a while. But, there are some pretty slick ways to do the cleaning of your bathroom tiles that nobody has told you about.

Citric acid

You may know citric acid as something you add to peaches when you’re canning, but this is one natural and amazing substance for household cleaning. Mix 1 cup of citric acid to ½ gallon of water. Dip a rag into the solution and wipe down your tiles. If there is heavy build up then you’ll need to use a scrub brush. This solution will cut right through soap scum. The citric acid makes a chemical reaction that breaks apart soap scum. Rinse the tiles when done.


Vinegar is also an acid that is momma’s big helper. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in a ½ gallon of water. Soak a rag in it then wipe down all surfaces of your bathroom. Everything will take on a shine that will make it look like new.

Keeping Tile Shiny

These tricks should help you with cleaning of bathroom tiles and keeping your tiles looking amazing. You can purchase citric acid in bulk very inexpensively at brewing supplies stores or soap making supplies companies online. It is also edible. Most tart candies, artificial lemon juice and lemonade products are made with citric acid. Every home needs to have a pound of this stuff around.