Homes with Hardwood Floors Offer Value and Convenience

Homes with hardwood floors roared back to popularity at the early part of this century, in part due to growing health concerns. Many realized that housing’s standard of wall-to-wall carpeting can contribute to allergy and asthma difficulties in some individuals. Home buyers started looking for hardwood floor solutions on the market, and existing homeowners started considering resale demand.

Cleaning Homes with Hardwood Floors

Homes with hardwood floors, in addition to reducing allergens, add convenience when cleaning, especially with busy modern lifestyles. Gone are the days when a spilled cup of coffee or dirty boots became a permanent part of a room’s decor. Brooms and dry mops replace the need for chemical stain lifters and constant vacuuming.

“We call it stress-free living,” Miguel Berger, a real estate professional in Albany, N.Y. told Money magazine in a 2016 article discussing resale values. “The younger generation in particular would much rather spend their time entertaining at home than fussing over it.”

But hardwood floor owners also clean up when it comes to resell values. The Money magazine article estimates that installing hardwood floors can boost a sale price between 3 percent and 5 percent. A 2016 MacWoods survey of interior designers also found 76 percent of those surveyed recommended hardwood as a boost to resale value. In addition to durability and ease of cleaning, hardwood floors often provide that “blank slate” real estate agents stress when showing homes. Neutral floor coloring, such as red oak, white oak and pine allow potential buyers to imagine their styles within a home. Recent trends with younger buyers include wider wood planks and wood with less noticeable grains, such as bamboo.

Homes with hardwood floors can reduce your cleaning while boosting your resale value. If it’s time for you to explore your options, visit us at U.S. Hardwood and Carpet.

Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tiles Update Mid-Century Design

Bathroom floor mosaic tiles reigned supreme in Mid-Century Modern design. Geometric patterns, starburst and custom art graced hundreds of bathrooms through from the 50s through the 70s. And while other Mid-Century elements like the furry toilet tank covers stay safely in nostalgia, unique tile patterns are again bringing mod to modern.

Updating Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tiles

While bathroom floor mosaic tiles now fill showrooms, much of the inspiration comes from classic home themselves. Renovation trends uncovered affection for placing tiles in patterns. It also marked a departure from the “standard” size tiles of the past few decades. As people discovered the appeal of unique circular, hexagon and rectangular tiles, they found opportunities to express more creativity in bathrooms and powder rooms.

One style of the last few years that transitioned with this artistic trend is keeping tiles in a natural shade palette when constructing mosaics. Some may still find the 1950s pinks charming, but many extend the “spa-like” settings with earth tones. Mosaics also seem to marry well with the recent popularity of sea glass tiles. When arranged with motion, these magical translucent tiles bring the calmness and serenity of ocean waves into floors, backsplashes and even shower stalls.

Those wanting a bit more character look toward creating mosaic scenes, often depicting regional influences or even hobbies. The addition of computer-assisted design now takes a lot of the guesswork out of these projects. However, we always advise consulting a professional experienced in mosaic design before undertaking any detailed art venture. No one wants their desire for a shower porpoise unveiled as a misshaped, gray gorilla.

Bathroom floor mosaic tiles allow homeowners to add character into one of the most unlikely areas of the home. Contact U.S. Hardwood and Carpets and let us help you have some fun and creative expression with this timeless art.