Carpet Care Tips to Keep It Gorgeous and Long Lasting

Carpet care goes beyond just vacuuming now and then. Carpeting is a little more work than just a quick mop for vinyl flooring, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing new flooring for your home.

Carpet Care

Most homeowners think that a weekly vacuum is all the carpet care that needs to be done. While regular vacuuming is certainly important, there is a little bit more to do if you want it to look like new for many years.

High traffic areas need to be protected. While some will put down long strips of heavy plastic in entryways, you don’t have to go so commercial looking. You can get a beautiful runner rug that adds a lovely accent design and a little color to your room. It is easy to clean the rug when it becomes soiled, leaving your carpet clean underneath. Just remember to vacuum under the runner each time you vacuum.

Clean your carpet regularly, particularly if you have pets. Cats and dogs can make quite the mess of carpet even when they are well potty-trained. They track dirt in from outside, leave a shadow of dirt from their coat on their favorite floor spots to relax and their hair and dander go deep into the carpet. It is recommended that a pet household should have the carpet professionally cleaned at least every six months. If you have more than one pet then it will likely be every 3 months.

Carpet odors can happen even in the best of homes. Cigar or cigarette smoking, cooking odors, pet accidents and other crimes against carpet flooring just happen. To take care of these odors you need to call a professional carpet cleaner periodically. Never use powders on your carpet. They tend to gum up the carpet and reduce its life.

Cheap Tiles for Kitchen Floors

Think twice before you order up cheap tiles for kitchen floors. While going discount might be just what you need when flipping a house or when putting in flooring in a room that is rarely used, your own kitchen has some special needs. Here are some tips that will keep you happy with your new kitchen flooring for years.

Cheap Tiles for Kitchen Floors

If you’re going to go with cheap tiles for your kitchen floor then it isn’t going to hold up to the traffic, the spills or the dropping of heavy pots. So, going with a porcelain tile that is grooved for nonslip is probably going to work out beautifully or you can opt for another type of flooring that is designed specifically for the rough wear and tear of the kitchen.

Where to purchase your tile flooring is also important. Many don’t know this, but the big box hardware stores are generally selling tile rejects or “seconds.” They won’t tell you this, but upon install you might start seeing cracks and other issues immediately. So, don’t waste your money there. Use a professional flooring contractor who has access to the perfect tile flooring that you have imagined for your kitchen. Granted, sometimes an inexperienced worker can be blamed for the cracked tiles, but many times it is a problem with the tile itself.

By spending a little more for tiles that are made properly and are not seconds, you’ll have a beautiful floor in your kitchen without problems for years to come. You’ll also have better color options when you use an experienced flooring contractor like US Hardwood Flooring and Carpet. You don’t have to deal with the cheap tiles for kitchen floors and the problems that they generate for homeowners.