How to Clean a shag Rug to Ensure Its Long Life

It is good to know how to clean a shag rug properly, so that you don’t destroy that great retro look. Yes, shag is back. That long mop head pile is now showing up everywhere in the Bay Area, at least on the floor. The long scraggly hair style isn’t back just yet, although some don’t seem to realize that fact. But, it is easy to destroy these rugs, so make sure you do a proper cleaning that will preserve your rug for years.

How to Clean a Shag Rug

Whether your rug is that beautiful white that you can get lost in when in your bare feet or the hot pink loop variety, the shag presents a special cleanliness problem. You’re smart to research how to clean a shag rug before you even purchase one. The reason being is that the vacuum cleaner really is not its best friend, even at the high pile setting. There is a special way to treat these rugs.

The best thing you can do for your rug is to hang it up outside. This might be a challenge in itself, depending on how large your rug is. Nonetheless, it must be done. Hang it up and then beat it with a broom, just like your grannies did many generations ago. This will loosen up and remove the dirt and household grime that builds up in rugs.

If your rug is particularly large, then hang it up the best you can and use a leaf blower on it to loosen and remove the dirt.

Next, you should leave it in the sun for 2 to 3 hours. The sunshine will help kill off bacteria and moisture. Don’t leave it in the sun any longer, as it will fade the colors in your rug. See? How to clean a shag rug isn’t that complicated, just a bit of a struggle if your shag rug is very large.

Bathroom Floor and wall Tiles That Waterproof

Your bathroom is a high humidity room and your bathroom floor and wall tiles need to hold up to all that water. You’ll likely have children in there forgetting to turn off the water in the sink or bathtub, pets that jump out of their bath dripping with water and toilets overflowing. So, your choice of tile in this room is pretty important.

Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles That Hold Up

A good porcelain or ceramic tile is a great choice in the bathroom for both the bathroom floor and wall tiles. Make sure you use a tile on the floor that is not perfectly smooth, however. You don’t want anyone to slip and fall when they step into a bit of water or they have socks on. For the walls, a smooth surface or a different texture will offset the design of the floor.

Using wooden tiles or flooring isn’t a very good choice for the bathroom, due to the high humidity and water spills. But there are great choices that look a lot like wood. Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of designs, one being a very realistic wood look.

Cement is another popular look that has become quite popular lately. You don’t have to pour cement and it would not be recommended even if you could. But, there are tiles that are designed to have the look of cement. This is a great choice for floor tiles, especially if you are designing in a more industrial look and feel.

Of course, marble and granite are always wonderful, standard choices. Make sure the tiles you use on the floor are rough to avoid slipping when walking on them.

Shopping for Tiles

Choosing bathroom floor and wall tiles have their special concerns. We’ll be happy to show you some beautiful choices when you stop by our showroom. There are still plenty of designs you can use that look gorgeous.