Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaners That Work Great

Natural hardwood floor cleaners are a wonderful way to bring your floors back to their shiny brilliance and keep with staying green in your household. There are a few methods and products that you can use that will keep your floors appearing freshly scrubbed and you can use them safely.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaners

The most popular natural hardwood floor cleaner is Murphy’s Oil Soap. This product has been used for generations for cleaning hardwood floors. Murphy’s is also used to clean dirty, grimy wood furniture like the kitchen table and chairs. This is a natural soap product that is specifically designed for use on wood products. It is a natural and gentle product.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are not meant to be washed with water every week. Your weekly cleanings should use just a dry dust mop. You can use an electrostatic mop head that attracts dust or use a regular cotton mop head sprayed with a dust attractant.

Probably once or twice per year you’ll need to mop with some Murphy’s Oil Soap and water. First use your dust mop to collect all the dust bunnies the best that you can. Prepare your soap solution according to the instructions on the bottle. Dunk your mop in the solution and wring it out well before putting it on the floor. You should never use a soaking wet mop on hardwood flooring, use just a damp mop. Mop with the grain of the wood and follow up with a dry mop to wipe the floor to a shine. If there are particularly greasy spots then get on your hands and knees to scrub the dirt off with a rag.

Using natural hardwood floor cleaners and properly caring for your hardwood floors will make them beautiful all of the time.

Antique Flooring for a Lived-In Well-Loved Look Floor

Antique flooring is all the rage for those who have a modern home, but want a hardwood floor that has the look of a much loved, generations of family floor. There are many varieties of reclaimed wood for this effect.

Antique Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring, also called antique flooring, is a very hot look right now in modern homes. Many families want their home to look as homey as an old farm house where generations have lived and loved the floors. But, this is a little difficult to do with modern materials. So, they opt for reclaimed wood.

There are flooring manufacturers that specialize in reclaiming wood from buildings that are being demolished. It isn’t just old homes where they obtain these wooden planks, barns provide quite a bit of this flooring material, also.

When you start researching reclaimed flooring, you’ll find you can make your floors from the lumber of an old, weathered razed barn, a bowling alley, as well as hundred year-old stores and homes. There is a great variety of woods available such as elm, pine, walnut, hickory, Douglas fir and a variety of oaks and pines. The flooring manufacturers spend a lot of time searching out these planks and turning them into floor boards that are ready to be installed in your modern home.

Flooring options are in a variety of sizes, also. You can purchase wide planks as well as the thinner width of the floors of today. Wide planks were the very affordable flooring in the early 1900s and were usually made of pine. Today those floors are still in great shape and being sold by antique flooring companies. These companies will also turn some of those pine planks or even barn wood planks into a modern hardwood floor. Call US Hardwood and Carpet today for an estimate on installing an antique floor in your home.