Can Wrapped Hardwood Floor Be Repaired

Can warped hardwood floors be repaired by the home owner? Most often no, unless the homeowner has a lot of experience repairing and installing hardwood floors. Even in carpentry, the experience probably wouldn’t be enough to identify and fix the problem. Here are some warped floor problems and suggestions on what needs to be done.

Can Warped Hardwood Floors Be Repaired?

The answer is usually yes, depending upon which problem is going on with your hardwood floors. There are several different kinds of hardwood floor problems and they are all a little different.

Cupped Hardwood Floors

Cupped hardwood floor planks happen when there is a lot of moisture on the backside of the floorboards. Perhaps there is a wet subfloor in a dry room. This will cause the edges of the boards to rise up. The cure is to fix that water leak/moisture problem with the subfloor then let the floor completely dry out. Once it is stable, have a flooring professional sand down the edges and refinish the floor.

Sagging Hardwood Floors

Sagging hardwood floors are caused by a severe moisture problem. The problem might resolve itself once the humidity problem is fixed in the home.

Buckling Hardwood Floors

There could be many reasons for buckling of the floor boards. It could be a bad installation or something else going on with the room. This is going to need a professional hardwood flooring installer or licensed building contractor to diagnose and repair. It could get complicated, because the buckling might be the end result of some other structural problem in the home.

Hardwood Flooring

We hope that you find this information on “Can Warped Hardwood Floors Be Repaired?” helpful. Anytime you have a problem with your hardwood flooring, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll stop by and take a look at it then give you our professional opinion on how it should be handled.

The Ins and Outs of Ceramic Tile Sealant

Ceramic tile sealant is just the thing you need when you want your stone or ceramic tile to keep that look it has when it is wet. Many will tell you that this just isn’t possible, that there isn’t a sealant for these types of tile floors. Oh, but there is a product that will do what you want!

Ceramic Tile Sealant

There is a ceramic tile sealant name Glazed Guard (by CoverTec) that will give your ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles that just washed, shiny wet look. You will need to hire a professional to have this done properly, but in a nutshell the floor has a special cleaning procedure first. Then the sealant is applied and it bonds hard to the tiles. It should last three to five years before a reapplication is necessary. This product comes in matte, satin and high gloss.

Having a sealer applied to your tile will help keep your floor in that beautiful, glossy wet look. It also helps keep dirt from getting embedded in the grout. Cleaning grout is hard labor and if you have a steam cleaning company do it, it isn’t a cheap procedure. So, sealing the tiles is a good way to reduce the amount of dirt that needs to be scrubbed out. Your floors will look beautiful most of the time.

Not all ceramic tile sealants are the same. Some will scratch and wear off quickly. So, contact US Hardwood and Carpet to speak with one of our tile specialists. We have installers that have experience with all phases of tile installation. The installer can explain the pros and cons of sealing tile. It is best you have all the information, so that you can make an educated decision. We want to make sure you end up with the results that you are expecting.