Surprising Floor Options for Kitchens for Your Home Upgrade

When you’re updating your home, floor options for your kitchen is likely on the list to consider in your revamp and update. While most people will install vinyl flooring or tiles in the kitchen, you can dare to be different. There is a new and surprising choice that is the hottest thing going for kitchen floors today.

Floor Options for Kitchens

Tile always looks beautiful, even throughout the entire house. Vinyl is inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. But what’s the latest and greatest in today’s kitchens? Cork! Yes, cork. As trendy floors go, this is the one that everyone wants right now and they want it for some very good reasons.

Sustainable Building Materials

Cork is a natural, sustainable material. It is harvested from the cork tree and this will replace itself in only nine years, making it very sustainable in the environment. There is no rainforest clearing or horrible chemicals that will make you sick. It is natural and environmentally friendly. But, its virtues go well beyond that.

Install it how you want it. Cork flooring is available in the form of glued down tiles, planks or floating floors. You won’t have to go with a form of flooring you don’t want, all choices are available.

Durability is its #1 feature. Cork flooring can hold up to high traffic, which makes it perfect for kitchens. A kitchen needs to hold up well in those spots where someone is typically standing like in front of the sink or stove. Its natural nonskid properties also make it perfect for the kitchen as grease and spills won’t be slippery. It is also lightweight and comfortable.

When you are looking for floor options for your kitchen, let us know. We’ll be happy to show you samples of the newest types of flooring for your home today.

Causes for Wrinkles in Carpet and How to Fix It

Wrinkles in the carpet are not only annoying, but it is a sign something is terribly wrong. Carpet doesn’t just get larger on its own. There is a direct cause for this to happen.

Wrinkles in Carpet

If you are home shopping and see a house where the carpet is bunched up or doesn’t quite fit, you should suspect an underlying water problem with the home. Carpets will stretch when they get very wet. Wrinkles in the carpet don’t happen as a normal course of carpet life.

There may be a water leak, possibly a broken pipe or a roof leak, that is causing the floor to stay wet. As the carpet sits in the very high room humidity or with water soaking it, the carpet will get bigger. This causes the carpet to no longer fit the room. Before you do anything to fix the carpet, you’ll need to find the source of the moisture. A home with a water leak or humidity problem will have a musty, mildew smell.

Once the source of the water has been found and repaired, allow the room and carpet to completely dry out. Once you’re sure the carpet and floor beneath it is completely dry, you can rent a carpet stretcher. Stretch the carpet and tack it down. Use a utility knife to cut away the excess carpet.

It is important that you stretch the carpet properly or else you’ll have wrinkles in the carpet again. There are lots of you tube videos that will teach you how a carpet should be stretched, so that problems don’t arise later on. Of course, be certain to find the underlying cause of the carpet wrinkling and have that problem fixed. If you’re lucky, it is because the original installer didn’t properly stretch it on installation.