How to Clean Mildew from Wood Flooring

Here is a step by step guide on how to clean mildew from wood. There are times this will work and other situations where it isn’t worth the effort. And there are some other considerations in mildew removal that must be done before you even try to remove the mildew from the wood.

How to Clean Mildew from Wood

If you notice you have some mildew on your wood flooring or wood furniture, you’ll need to jump on this problem immediately. It is not something you should ever put off. Here is a brief primer on the steps you should take in how to clean mildew from wood.


Mildew doesn’t grow in dry places. If you see mildew on wood then there is a big moisture problem in the room. Your first step is to find the water source and stop it. Then step up a dehumidifier to help dry out the room.

Assess the Wood

The wood floor or furniture must have a finish on it. The reason being raw wood will have the mildew’s tentacles deep within the wood already. There is no point to trying to stop mildew on raw wood. It will only come right back as soon as you have a moist day. That wood must be removed and replaced.


Clean the mildew from finished wood by using brown vinegar. Spray it on and let it sit for one hour. Then wash it off with a soapy solution. This should kill the mildew that is on the finished wood floor or painted furniture and remove it for good.

Get Help

When you see mold, it is best to contact a specialist to get their assessment. If you want to try your hand at this How to Clean Mildew from Wood method, it just might work for you. But you need to stop the room’s moisture problem first.

Real Hardwood Flooring is the Way to Go

There is nothing that truly compares to real hardwood flooring as far as the overall warmth, the look and feel and the durability. When you’re planning to live in your home for many years, it is the best choice when you’re shopping for new flooring.

Real Hardwood Flooring

There is a situation when using artificial wood flooring is a better choice. If you are planning to sell your home in the next year or two, it is best to choose laminate wood flooring. Even though the real hardwood flooring has that something special in the warmth of the look that no laminate can match, you will never recover the money you spent on real hardwood. So, in the situation where you’ll sell the home soon, laminate is definitely the way to go.

Other Artificial Wood Choices

Besides artificial wood flooring like Pergo or some of the other brands, there is one other way to go for the look, but not the price of real hardwood flooring. This choice is the least expensive and that is vinyl flooring. There are some brands of rolled flooring that looks so real at first glance that you’ll think it is a real hardwood floor! It is easy to clean and it holds up well to pets. This is a flooring material you need to see in person to believe.

When you have your heart set on real hardwood flooring, you’ll be so happy with your choice. There are many options such as installing new planks or you can opt for reclaimed flooring. The latest look in flooring is to install barn wood as a hardwood floor. Give US Hardwood and Carpet a call today to go over your budget and all the different choices.