Home Improvement Increases Your Home’s Value and Lifts the Spirit

Home improvement is something that home owners will jump on as soon as they decide to sell, but it should be done long before that. Living in a freshly updated home makes for a better outlook on life and happier days. One of the fastest ways to update your home is to replace the old worn carpeting or tile.

Home Improvement

Flooring is usually put last on the list to replace. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, all the painting and wall repairs might damage your floor. So, the flooring is the final inside improvement. Secondly, who wants to move all that furniture in and out of the house? Nobody! So, an improvement that can dramatically change the look of the rooms is put off.

Once you’ve had the walls replastered or repaired and painted, it is time to start thinking about flooring. There are many ways to go. These days with allergies and other environmental concerns, hardwood or softwood flooring is the popular way to go. However, tile and rolled vinyl is still a valid option for many home owners and it is less expensive to install. Some homeowners will go with a mix of various types of flooring throughout the home, such as tiled floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, carpeting in the bedrooms and hardwood flooring in the rest of the home.

When you’re changing the flooring, give a great deal of thought to your lifestyle. Carpet might be best for a person who is retired and has no pets. Tile and vinyl will hold up well to lots of pets and children running about. Hardwood is an excellent choice for someone who has many allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Browse All the Options

Stop by US Hardwood and Carpet to discuss your home improvement ideas. We’re happy to share our expert knowledge with you on flooring choices.

Waxed Floor Care for Your Hard Wood and Soft Wood Flooring

Waxed floor care is very different than caring and cleaning tiled floors. Like caring for cast irons pans, it is a whole different set of rules. Be strict about your floor care plan, if you want to keep them rich and beautiful looking.

Waxed Floor Care

The good news is that waxed floor care typically means no mopping with water! Yay! No more scrubbing floors on your hands and knees. There are times when it needs to be done, such as when the floor has an oily residue all over it or the kids came in with muddy feet. However, those days are rare.

Typical daily care is dust mopping with a very soft dust mop. Shake it out frequently outside to get rid of the dust. A lot of people are very happy with their Swifter mop for a daily dust mopping. If you have a pet parrot that loves to throw seeds all over the place, then you might have to vacuum to get the floor clean. Use your vacuum attachment that doesn’t have the spinning bar in it. You want just the soft brush attachment.

Water Spills

Water is a waxed floor’s worst enemy. You must dap up that spill immediately to keep it from damaging the wax. If the liquid is allowed to sit then it’ll leave a white stain.

Water stains are best handled by a professional floor finisher, but you can try a quick method yourself first. Dab a #000 steel wool pad in floor wax and rub it out. If that fails, then call a professional. Don’t do make the situation worse by trying to fix it.

Hardwood Floor Care

Waxed floor care is far less time consuming than tile or even carpeting. We hope you enjoy your beautiful, shiny hardwood floors for many, many years to come.