Today’s Types of Flooring for Bathroom Open a New World

Today’s Types of Flooring for Bathrooms Open a New World

The types of flooring for bathrooms in the past have been ceramic tile and rolled vinyl for the most part. They are still good choices as they hold up very well in the wet environment of the bathroom. But lately there are some new options.

Types of Flooring for Bathrooms

A whole new world has opened up when it comes to the types of flooring for bathrooms. You might have hardwood throughout your home, but the bathroom and kitchen present some problems with hardwood. The bathroom in particular can be a very wet place and hardwood is damaged by water, especially when it is a daily issue.

While tile and vinyl flooring is still a wonderful choice that holds up beautifully to spilled or dripped water, it gets a little boring. When you want something new and different, you’ll really enjoy some of the fun things people are doing lately.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a gorgeous choice for the bathroom floor. The glass likes to reflect the light and that makes for a sparkly type of lighting situation. Another way to use these tiles is in creating designs with pieces of marble in combination with small glass tiles. Some very beautiful artwork is being created with the combination.

Cork Flooring

Whether or not cork flooring is the best choice for your bathroom will depend on how often water is spilled on the floor. Cork is naturally resistant to water, but it does have its limits. If you have children then it might not be the best choice for your bathroom.

Flooring for Wet Areas

There are a lot of types of flooring for bathrooms and we will help you pick the right one for you. Stop by US Hardwood and Carpet to speak to a specialist.

Best Kitchen Floor Options for an Active Family

Kitchen floors present some unique conditions that are not found in other rooms of the home. So, you will need to pick from the best kitchen floor options when re-doing your kitchen floor. There are types of flooring that should be avoided in the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Floor Options

If you have an active, busy family then your kitchen is a very busy place. With all that cooking going on and kids handling pots, pans and dishes, there are bound to be quite a few accidents. These accidents can damage your flooring, if you haven’t chosen one of the best kitchen floor options for a busy household.


Installing stone tile in the kitchen is a beautiful way to go. It is very durable. It is porous, so you don’t have to worry about slipping on greasy spills and it is fairly easy to clean. If you go with stone in the kitchen, make sure you have a sealant applied. Stone can soak up stains.


Vinyl flooring comes in many types of options these days. You can even find rolled vinyl that looks like hardwood flooring! There is also a plank version. These planks are glued down or floated to look like hardwood flooring, but are far less expensive. Vinyl is a carefree option for floors anywhere in the home.


Hardwood flooring, real or prefab, might not be the best option in the kitchen, as the frequent water spills will slowly degrade the finish. With an active family there are better options.

US Hardwood and Carpet

The best kitchen floor options will depend on your lifestyle, whether or not you have children and what types of pets you have. Stop by to see us to discuss which flooring would hold up the best for your family.