Temporary Cushion Floor Tiles Ease From Standing and Provide Safety

Cushion floor tiles are interlocking sections of foam rubber that look a lot like puzzle pieces. They are temporary flooring that can be carried around from room to room and taken outside to be cleaned with the hose. They are a wonderful way to add some temporary cushion to a floor for a number of reasons.

Cushion Floor Tiles

You might have seen multi-colored cushion floor tiles designed for children’s playrooms or bedrooms. They make a safer environment in which the children play. Every little fall they take while roughhousing is cushioned and prevents an injury. But there are other styles and uses for these handy tiles.

These interlocking style tiles come in black, too. They can be used in workspaces where the person is on their feet for hours at a time while doing their job. The tiles cushion the feet and that prevents a lot of foot pain, but helps to prevent back pain, as well. Any workspace benefits from these tiles, even the home kitchen!

Once you use this extra cushioning on the floor you’ll never want to give it up. They are easy to clean and are the best thing ever for taking the load off of your feet and back. But, this type of cushioning doesn’t have to be a temporary thing.

There is flooring that has a good deal of cushioning under it. When you install flooring, you can have a pad underlayment that helps to cushion the floor and muffle sounds. Another choice is cushion vinyl flooring which is one piece of a very cushiony floor that will feel like you’re walking on pencil erasers.

When it is time to add some extra cushion in your home, you can try out the cushion floor tiles to see how you like it. When you want to make it permanent, give us a call.

Hardwood Floor stains Can Be an Easy Repair

There are a lot of different kinds of hardwood floor stains and each type has a different remedy. But it is not as difficult to repair the wood as you might think. It takes the right tools and some elbow grease and your floor will be beautiful and shiny once again.

Hardwood Floor Stains

When you have hardwood floor stains on your gorgeous flooring you’ll be tempted to just put a rug on it and pretend it never happened. There is a better way. You can restore it to like new condition with the right tools.

Water or Liquid Stains

Milk or water stains will leave a white ring on the floor if they aren’t wiped up immediately. The white ring can be removed with some patience, steel wool and floor wax. Try #000 steel wool to rub the stain out using a generous portion of floor wax during the rubbing. If that fails, try #00 wool with mineral spirits then let the floor dry. With this 2nd method you will need to stain the area and re-wax.


Black scuff marks from shoes are usually easy to remove with a cleaner made for urethane floors. If they are particularly bad then buy the version of this cleaner that comes with a scrubbing pad.

Mold and Mildew

The bad news is, there is usually no way to rid yourself of mold or mildew in wood floors. Mold has tentacles that grow deep into the wood. Even if you clean it from the surface, it will quickly return. You will need to address the source of the moisture that’s feeding the mold and then replace the moldy floor boards.

Flooring Contractor

For all of your flooring needs contact US Hardwood and Carpet. We can recommend a hardwood cleaning service to remove your hardwood floor stains professionally.