Are Wax Finish Hardwood Floors the Right Choice for Your Home

There are several different finishes to use when you have a hardwood floor. Which one to use depends upon the look you want and your lifestyle. It might be wax finish hardwood floors, but maybe not.

Wax Finish Hardwood Floors

The wax finish has been popular for ions of time. It is one of the natural choices for protecting the wood. Wax needs many steps to work well and to have a long life. There needs to be several thin layers applied. Each layer needs to dry before the next layer is applied. When that process is complete, the floor is buffed to a nice shine.

Penetrating Oil Sealers

Natural oil finishes for floors are starting to catch on here in the USA. They are a less shiny, but very rich finish for a floor. This type of finish sinks into the wood to protect it. It is not just a barrier that sits on top of the wood. It is deeply penetrated beauty and protection. Scratches tend to just blend in and are not noticeable, unlike a surface application. Oil finishes come in tints, so there is no need to stain the wood first.

Urethane Finish

A urethane finish is a synthetic finish that is a layer on top of the wood that protects it. One big advantage of urethane is that it will outlast both wax and oil finishes. On the downside, you will need to stain the wood before applying. Caring for this finish is easier, as you dust mop only.

Choosing the Right Finish

Stop by US Hardwood and Flooring and we’ll explain all the details on various finishes to see if the wax finish hardwood floors are best for your home.

What’s Hot In Flooring for a Bedroom Remodel in 2018

For your bedroom remodel choose from “what’s hot in flooring for 2018.” Your bedroom probably won’t be done over again for decades, so make it count. There are some really cool ideas for this year that you need to browse.

Bedroom Remodel

Some things are easy choices in a bedroom remodel like paint, wallpaper and an overall color scheme, but some choices are tougher to make. Flooring is one of those difficult choices. It is tough to decide because it is going to be your floor for a very long time, maybe many decades. Paint and color schemes will come and go many times during the life of the floor. So, it is important to choose wisely with flooring.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2018

Shiny is out. People are going with a more of a matte look on flooring finishes these days. Those extremely glossy floors are toast. It is time to refinish them to be a lot more dull, worn or natural.

The choices are no longer between hardwood or softwood in a great floor. Choices abound today like floors made of natural cork, bamboo, reclaimed wood, vinyl planks that mimic hardwood but are easy to care for and tile in every size, type and style. When it comes to a child’s bedroom, cork might be an excellent choice to help cushion the tumbling. It is beautiful, durable and holds up to spills and cushions falls.

Carpeting is still a great choice, especially for the bedroom when the rest of your home is hardwood. Many homeowners love the coziness of carpet in the bedroom. It warms the feet first thing in the morning when there is a chill.

US Hardwood and Carpet

We are here to help you pick out the best flooring for your bedroom remodel. Keep in mind that flooring should be chosen first, as the color scheme will need to be chosen to match the floor. Give us a call.