Vinyl Flooring Store That Has Wood Look Alike Vinyl

The hottest thing going right now in affordable flooring is vinyl flooring that looks like it is a hardwood or softwood floor. The vinyl flooring store US Hardwood and Carpet has this type of beautiful flooring made by Shaw.

Vinyl Flooring Store

US Hardwood and Carpet carries the full line of beautiful Shaw flooring at our vinyl flooring store’s showroom. Of course, this is a store that carries hardwood, tile, stone, carpet and vinyl flooring. But one very popular item right now is vinyl flooring that is manufactured in planks, just like hardwood, but so much easier to install and care for.

The installation of this look alike flooring can be a snap together plank floor that floats, as a hardwood floor would. There is another type that is a little less expensive and that is the glue down planks. Either way you’ll have a gorgeous floor that you’d swear was a hardwood floor at first glance.

Shaw is the manufacturer of this very affordable flooring. It is tough, resilient to pets and holds up beautiful for many years. It is made in a nice variety of colors to make it easier to match your wall paint, rugs and furniture.

There is a variety of wood-like styles that are much preferred to wood laminate flooring. Wood laminate has its issues with water, which can ruin several planks. This isn’t a problem with vinyl flooring. It is sealed, made of vinyl on top or solid vinyl which is water resistant.

US Hardwood and Carpet

Stop by our vinyl flooring store’s showroom at US Hardwood and Carpet to see our samples of this amazing new type of water resistant flooring. You’ll be amazed at just how gorgeous it is. We can also schedule a home consultation and bring the samples to you. Call us at 408-987-9610.

Surviving Renovations By Escaping It Altogether

Renovations are tough to live with. There is the inconvenience of having to deal with all those strangers in your home – private spaces as well as everywhere else. Then there is the dust, the clutter, the noise and it all becomes a stressful nightmare that has broken up many marriages. There is another way. A fun way. Make that renovation project a free vacation!


There isn’t much worse than living in a home that is torn to pieces. So, turn that nightmare into sipping mimosas on a tropical island. Live in a warm, island hut on the shore of crystal blue waters. And don’t spend a dime to do it.

If you have the cash for your renovations, leave that in the bank. Open up a couple of credit cards that offer huge incentive sign up bonuses and rewards programs. Check those rewards programs very carefully to make sure they offer what you think they do. You are looking for vacation offers, travel agency offers, airline miles and anything else you might need for your renovation vacation.

Then use those credit cards to pay your contractors and purchase any supplies, hardware and equipment that might be needed for the renovation. The more you spend on the credit card, the more vacation you’ll get for free.

Now keep in mind, this is going to be a disaster if you didn’t already have the money for the renovation. You will need to pay those credit cards off before any interest accrues.

So, charge your renovation and then use your bonuses, rewards and points for scheduling your vacation. Of course, you’ll want to take the vacation while they have the house torn up. Have fun and enjoy your renovation vacation!