Options for Cheap Tile for Kitchen Floors That Look Great

There are some options for finding cheap tiles for kitchen floors, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. But even with larger kitchens, inexpensive tiles can be found that will make your kitchen look great.

Cheap Tile for Kitchen Floors

If you’re on a tight budget or are doing a needed upgrade just to sell the home, there are deals to be found for cheap tile for kitchen floors.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

A little known place to look for all types of building materials as well as 2nd hand furniture is the Habitat for Humanity store. This store is associated with the famous nonprofit that builds homes for free for the needy. Their store is used as a drop off for building supplies. What you’ll find there is different from day to day, so check often. You can score an incredible deal on floor tiles and many other items like doors, toilets, even beds!

Independent Flooring Stores

Independent carpet and flooring stores, such as US Hardwood and Carpet, will likely offer a far higher quality of goods than the big box hardware stores. These stores are usually very competitive in pricing. Ask for a salesperson when you go in and explain your budget. They will go over all your options to fit your budget and the quality you’re searching for. They can also install your new tile.

Craigslist and Facebook

Craigslist can be a goldmine of building supplies, new and used and worth a look, especially in the affluent towns and cities. Facebook for sale groups are another place to check often for left over building supplies in your area.

US Hardwood and Carpet

We are happy to help you at US Hardwood Carpet and Tile in your search for cheap tile for kitchen floors. We usually have many options that will fit your budget, so stop by or give us a call.

How to Clean tile Grout Easily in Floors and Walls

When you notice your pretty peach colored grout has turned black, it is time to learn how to clean tile grout. Tile grout can be fairly easy to clean. You don’t have to rent machines or hire a professional to do it.

How to Clean Tile Grout

Learning how to clean tile grout and doing a great job is easy and you might have what you need in the house already.

Rejuvenating Floor Tile Grout

The floor’s grout usually looks black from improperly mopping the floor. All that dirt gets shoved into that crack where the grout resides. Everyday dirt is a good thing, in this case anyway.

What you need to clean the grout with the least amount of work is Borax. You’ll find Borax (from 20 Mule Team slogan fame) in the laundry detergent isle. It is a mineral that loves to eat up organic stains and break loose dirt.

Mix 1 cup of Borax with enough boiling water to dissolve it and work it into a runny paste. Take that paste to your floor and scrub in a little bit of the paste into the grout with a toothbrush or floor brush. Let it sit while you work more areas. Take a break and wipe up the Borax, rinse and do more grout in the same way.

Cleaning Soap Scum from Bathroom Tile

The best thing in the world to break down soap scum is citric acid. You can buy it from a soap making supplies company or a beer making company. It is the stuff bath fizzies and lemonade are made from.

Put 1 cup of citric acid in a bowl of warm water. Use a floor brush to scrub your tiles. You’ll notice a weird smell as the citric acid breaks down the soap and releases it from the tile. When you’re done, rinse and scrub your tile with cleanser and water.

See? Learning how to clean tile grout is easy!