What to know About Home Improvement and Flooring

When you’re embarking on the home improvement and flooring adventure, there are some things to know that you might not have thought about. What you’re repairing, updating and replacing needs to be done in a certain order for the best outcome.

Home Improvement and Flooring

Your home improvement and flooring project should be handled in a certain way. Whether or not you’re replacing, updating or refinishing your flooring, it’ll need to be done last. While you’ll be so anxious to get that huge job of replacing flooring done right away, it is a mistake to do it before the other projects are finished.

All of the painting, sawing and nailing needs to be complete before the flooring is changed. The reason is that if it isn’t it could be ruined by paint, stepped on nails, dragging counters, etc. Having to touch-up or refinished spots of your flooring is never an ideal situation. Avoid damaging carpet, tiles and hardwood floors by waiting to replace them until you’re completely finished with all the painting, building closets and replacing of cabinets.

Flooring Choices

Carpet is still the most popular flooring choice in these past few years and will likely continue to be, given its affordability. Designs get a little wild when you’re being trendy with your home improvement project, but keep in mind that they will become quickly outdated.

Some choices will have long lasting trends, such as hardwood finishes. These trends tend to take decades before they are old and tired. For instance, the very shiny high gloss finishes on hardwood floors has been popular for decades. Today this is changing. People now want a more muted, oil finish on their floors for a natural look.

So, you are better off to make choices that are more classic and not the latest craze with your home improvement and flooring choices. Be sure to stop by US Hardwood and Carpet to discuss your ideas. We’d love to help you make choices that have long lasting popularity.

Laminate Tiles Might Be the Best Choice of Your Home and Budget

Laminate tiles and planks are an affordable substitute for hardwood flooring. They have the look of hardwood, but don’t last as long as hardwood. However, for some families, laminate flooring gives them the beautiful hardwood look that gives years of use. Is laminate right for your home?

Laminate Tiles

Laminate tiles are a composite type of product. The top layer is a clear protective layer that protects the next layer down. That is the paper layer that is the photograph of a hardwood floor. Then there are more layers under that layer.

Laminate is intended to give the look of hardwood and cost far less. You’ll have a choice between tiles or planks. The planks are what you want if you want it to look like a hardwood floor.

Durability is far better than it was back when Pergo first went on the market with this type of flooring. It was very popular, but people quickly learned that it wasn’t waterproof and damage was extensive when water was allowed to sit on it for a long period of time. But, it is now decades later and huge strides have been made in the quality of Pergo and other brands.

The laminate planks interlock, as regular hardwood planks do. It looks beautiful. However, if you need to remove a damaged plank then you’ll need to start at the edge of the floor and undo every plank on the way to the damaged plank. Then you’ll replace the damaged one and put them all back together again.

Like any flooring, laminate flooring has its benefits and drawbacks which needed to be weighed with your lifestyle. For a home with light to medium use, it could be just the right flooring. It is very affordable and has a stunning look. Stop by our showroom to see samples of laminate tiles and other types of flooring.