Carpet is Trending and It Is Completely Waterproof!

Carpet is the trending floor covering for this year. And the trendsetter holdouts will be happy to hear that there is a 100% waterproof carpet now! It is everything a homeowner wants.


There are usually some big holdbacks for installing carpet in a home. Things like mold and dust allergies, pets – especially cats, children and mud season. But now all those things are irrelevant, because Shaw has invented a carpet that is waterproof. It is named Lifeguard.

Now when your cat starts urinating on the carpet instead of in the litterbox, it will sit there on the surface until you can wipe it. Once it is cleaned up there is no lingering smell from urine in the padding or subfloor, because it never soaked through the carpet.

Landlords should take note of this new carpet. It can save thousands of dollars in having to install carpet yet again after a tenant with a neglected pet. A good cleaning is all it will take for it to look and smell clean once again.

Children can no longer ruin a carpet by spilling milk in the living room. Instead of having to shampoo the carpet every month because of all the things they spill and track in from outside, a quick wipe takes care of it. Your floors will always look lovely with Lifeguard carpet.

Good news for those who love Stain master carpet. It is available with the Lifeguard backing now. You’ll be protected from liquids sinking through the carpet and from stains on top of the carpet. It is a good day for those joining in on the carpet trend in flooring. Give us a call at US Hardwood and Carpet to see when the next special on Lifeguard backed carpets will happen.

Replace Hardwood Flooring or Install Laminate?

Everyone loves that warm homey look of hardwood flooring and the fact that it seems to last forever. But laminate has a look that is awfully close to hardwood and it has other advantages, too, like it costs far less. So, which one is the right choice for your home?

Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is the flooring for the ages. Well, since the rough cut plank colonial era certainly, but it has evolved overtime into what we now consider the ideal hardwood flooring. Today, the finishes are less shiny than in decades past and you’ll see hardwood floors, reclaimed barn wood or bowling alley floors and just good old fashioned New England pine planks. Each has its own unique beauty and lasts for generations.

This type of flooring is considered the standard in finer homes. It is usually what sits beneath glorious area rugs in every room. Although, some opt for a warm carpet in the bedrooms and stone tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.

On the downside, hardwood flooring is expensive to install and every decade or so you’ll need to refinish it. The polyurethane will wear off and you’ll find water stains and scratches from years use. Refinishing can be a costly maintenance.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring gives you a similar look, as it has an image of hardwood flooring over the core materials. It is finished right out of the box, so your choices there are minimal. It’ll likely be installed as a tongue and groove floated floor.

The biggest difference between the two is the length of life. Laminate does hold up well these days and it has evolved into a durable, scratch resistant flooring choice. But it cannot be refinished, because the top is only a photograph, not real wood. So, it will need to be replaced decades before hardwood.

Another difference with laminate is the price. This flooring choice is far less expensive than regular hardwood flooring.