Trending Hardwood Finishes in 2019

Hardwood finish styles change all the time, but slower than other interior decorating colors for walls and fabrics. But they do change and right now using a high gloss finish on your hardwood floors might get you arrested by the home fashion police. There are some definite new color trends for 2019, so if you’re refinishing you might want to consider these new color choices.

Hardwood Finish Colors

Hardwood floors have been all about grey, grey, and more grey recently. It is a good thing if you like grey, because it is still the #1 color. However, the grey has moved to a darker, a more brooding grey: charcoal. So, take the grey down a couple of notches from the past couple of years and you’ll be spot on!

Other colors are the complete opposite, such as the off-whites! Dress things up with a little sea salt white, a semi-opaque white that isn’t stark white, but slightly on the grey side. Depending on the flooring manufacturer, this could be a light grey or an off-white. It is the whitest sea salt color that’s the new trend.

In a variety of light-ish and dark-ish, the color green is in. This is a deeper green that is rather low in the yellow content. Think various versions of an olive/forest green mix. You can go light or you can go dark with these deep greens and they both look spectacular, especially if you’re sick to death of everything grey.

The one color that is completely out for 2019 in hardwood floors are yellows. That yellowish tinge and honey this or that is not cool at all this year. When you’re picking out flooring this year stick to the charcoal to light grey, a white that’s related to the grey or a rich forest type of green. And the less shine, the better. If you go with a natural oil finish, it is perfect!

When It’s a Good Idea to Replace Flooring When Selling

There are things you should do when selling a home and things you shouldn’t do. Everyone always says it’s all about kitchens and bathrooms and that is true. But, should you make the big investment of replacing flooring when you list your home to sell?

Flooring and Selling Your Home

Flooring can make or break a sale, true. An average family doesn’t want that huge investment before they even move into their new home. But still, there are times you should not replace the flooring.

How to Decide

Your realtor should help you see your home with a stranger’s eyes. This will help get out of the space you’re using to seeing every day and think like a buyer. Just how bad is the flooring?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the home beautifully updated except the flooring?
  • Just how bad is the flooring?
  • Are there any stains?
  • Does it show obvious deep wear?

If hardwood flooring is a little worn, a well-placed, beautiful carpet might be just the cure for showing the home. But if there are stains, missing or damaged boards, water stains, you’ll need to either fix it or install carpet over it.

If it is carpeting that is showing stains and wear, it must be replaced. Replacing it with the cheapest carpet is fine. Your buyer will likely replace it with whatever they like anyway. You are just making the home showable.

The time to do nothing, not even replacing the carpeting, is when your entire home needs remodeling. It is an investor that will be buying your home and they are not impressed by a homeowner’s changes to sell the property. Upgrading anything will be a waste of money for you.

We hope this helps you save money for your new home’s upgrades. When you need our professional opinion, stop by US Hardwood and Carpet. Our flooring professionals are happy to answer your questions.