Homes with hardwood floors have many benefits vs other flooring types. You might not think about these sorts of things when you are planning to install new flooring, but they are important points that could change the type of flooring you install.

Homes with Hardwood Floors

Not all flooring is equal. There are known benefits and advantages to having hardwood floors in your home.

First, hardwood floors are a tremendous help in managing airborne allergies and respiratory problems. They help so much that many doctors will advise their patients to install them and never have carpeting in their home again. The reason is that hardwood doesn’t allow mites, dust, pollen and other environmental problems to build up. Hardwood flooring can be cleaned and carpet cannot be completely cleaned.

Another good reason to use hardwood floors is that they are very easy to maintain. Just dust your floors frequently and they’re done. Once in a while you’ll need a little damp mopping to clean up grime.

Hardwood floors hold up for many years where carpet and tile might have to be replaced a lot more often. If you plan in staying in the home for decades, the better choice financially is hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors are very popular these days and they add additional value at resale. They not only make your home look rich and beautiful, but a home with hardwood floors will fetch a much higher sale price.

There are many choices when it comes to hardwood. Homes with hardwood floors can be a variety of finishes and sizes. Some homeowners add flourishes in the corners or edges of stenciled designs to give it an antique look. There are a lot of things you can do with this type of flooring. Consider these factors when you’re choosing new flooring for your home.

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