Prefab hardwood floors are the floor boards that have been refinished. This is an option for new flooring. You install the planks and you’re done, whereas plain hardwood floors will typically need some sanding, staining and finishing. But, which is best choice for your home?

Prefab Hardwood Floors

There are advantages and disadvantages to both the regular hardwood planks and prefab hardwood floor planks. Here are some highlights on the benefits for each.

Best in Durability

When the factory finishes the flooring they can use some very powerful sealants. These sealants are extremely durable and are not available to your typical home floor finisher. So, having prefab would be preferred, if you need the warranty to be 25 years instead of 5 years.

Clean Install

The installation of prefinished planks is a cleaner installation by far. All the sanding and dust in the air was at the factory. In your home it is install and go. For regular hardwood there is going to be a lot of sanding and an incredible amount of dust generated.


When the floors are finished and sealed inside the home, the sealant gets between the planks. This seals out the daily dust and grime that will fall between the cracks of the planks.


Irregularities in the subfloor can show through the hardwood floor. When the hardwood floor is sanded after the installation, sanding will overcome these defects.


When you need to sand out a water stain or deep scratches, it is easy with a regular hardwood floor. A prefinished floor has such a powerful sealant on it that you’d need to refinish the entire floor in order to have the repaired board match.

US Hardwood and Carpet

Give us a call at US Hardwood and Carpet. We’ll go over all the advantages of prefab hardwood flooring with you to help you decide what’s best in your home.

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