Remodeling a basement is an excellent way to expand your living space. Basements can open up the possibilities of a rumpus room, entertainment center, game room or extra bedrooms. Or possibly a combination of all of these ideas! But, be forewarned, basement flooring needs to be carefully chosen.

Remodeling a Basement

Your flooring choice when remodeling a basement is very important. As much as you’d love to have some soft, cushy carpeting down there, it will likely be a mistake. Basements are usually moist, the poured concreted that creates the walls and subfloor like to hold moisture all the time. This is a place that tends to never completely dry out. That moisture will feed mold and mildew. The wrong flooring choice will help the mold flourish. So, what to do?

The basement subfloor will need a moisture barrier installed before the flooring is laid down. Another option is installing tile. Tile works very well in moist environments and that’s why bathrooms are usually tiled. It prevents any additional dampness adding to the already damp concrete subflooring.

There are so many interesting flooring choices from which to choose these days that you’ll be surprised at how many attractive options you have. You don’t have to have just the original concrete. While carpet isn’t likely going to work well in your basement remodel, there are a lot of comfortable and beautiful choices that will.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a great option for a basement floor where there is going to be kids bouncing around and playing. This type of tile is a softer feel when you walk on it and is likely to soften the falls that tumbling children tend to take.

The best way to determine the best flooring choices for remodeling a basement is to speak with our sales representative. You can discuss how the basement will be used and our salesperson will show you some of the options that will work in your new space.

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