There are sources of cheap solid wood flooring and sometimes these boards are absolutely free for the taking! But are cheap sources of wood for making your home’s hardwood floors a good idea?

Cheap Solid Wood Flooring

There is a downside for sourcing your own cheap solid wood flooring. The risks are high and even if the source is letting you haul it away for free, you might have to spend a lot to get your floor done with this wood. But on the bright side, you will know the source of the wood – something that you can’t be sure about with some unscrupulous reclaimed flooring companies.

One huge risk in using cheap wood is that you’ll need to make certain the wood does not contain any wood boring insects. It isn’t just termites, there are a whole variety of beetles and bugs that like to eat wood. They’ll eat the floor and spread to the rest of the wooden parts of your home and furniture.

Another problem to think about is that you don’t know what sort of toxins are in the wood. Was this formerly a barn floor? There could be all kinds of spilled pesticides, gasoline and oil spills, farm animal pee and poop and other weird things soaked into that wood. While you might think it is cool to have a floor where animals slept for a 100 years, you won’t like it when the odors start gassing you in your living room.

Cheap solid wood flooring to make your own hardwood floors is risky. You might spend more fumigating it and tossing out unusable warped boards and later find out it is sending toxic gas into your home. If you want to do the right thing and recycle old materials, purchase the wood from a reputable wood reclaiming company.

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