If you want to get the best hardwood floors, today we will talk about one specific factor in choosing that flooring.

Best Hardwood Floors

When selecting the best hardwood floors for your home and the costs of maintaining the floors for years to come, what the professionals do: look at the hardness of the wood as measured on the Janka Scale, which ranks durability and hardness.

This insight can help you avoid the buyer’s remorse that comes because you saw a floor that is exactly what you want, only to discover that in your home, it is an impractical choice for your family’s lifestyle.

Janka Ranking

The Janka scale helps you understand how much wear a specific wood will show. A wood that ranks low on the Janka Scale indicates a soft wood (red cherry, has a beautiful grain, but its Janka Hardness rating of 950 indicates it is less suitable for homes with children and pets.)For that home with a lot of activity, you want to look at woods higher on the scale such as hickory (Janka Hardness rating 1820) or northern red oak (1290).

Not just the type of wood, but the source, will affect the Janka rating. The domestic black cherry comes in at a 950 Janka Harness, while the Brazilian cherry is ranked 2820

Yes, it’s a fact. You can get dizzy looking at all the domestic and imported types of wood flooring available. It’s always key to remember that paramount in your decision is your budget, your lifestyle and the style of your home. However, a little extra work to learn about hardness and style can pay off in a beautiful, and the best, hardwood floors for you.

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