A floor with glass tiles makes for a very unique floor. The light reflects back up at you, which is the opposite of what we’re used to in a room. It is very stylish and considered a high end floor. It would be difficult to find anything this sparkly and beautiful to put on a floor except for glass tiles.

Floor Glass Tiles

To achieve the beautiful look of a floor glass tile, you need to use glass tiles that are specifically designed for floors. It needs to be tough and not shatter when you drop something on it or chip and cut your foot. Our salesperson at US Hardwood and Carpet will help you select something that will give you years and years of wear.

When selecting your color of tiles, it is best that you select a few colors and not just one. The extra colors should be close to the original color you want, but not exactly the same. This will add some depth to the bounced light effect that glass floors are famous for. The glass tiles will usually come with some other colors included, so you do not need to pick them out.

Size Matters

You will be offered a variety of sizes of tiles from 1” mosaic style tiles to 18” glass squares. You need to see the difference this makes on a floor. Put a few of them down and step back to look at them. You are going to get a lot more light reflection and sparkle from the smallest tiles. The large tiles will be a more subtle effect that will help brighten a room.

Call today to speak to one of our salespeople about using floor glass tiles in your home. You might want to stop by our showroom so that we can show you all of the options that are available.

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