Most everyone loves hardwood floors, but they are more expensive than other flooring choices, usually. Many customers are tempted to go to a discount wood flooring shop like Lumber Liquidators. But, places like that don’t follow laws sometimes and end up putting their customers’ health at risk. There are some things you can do drive costs down, so that you can use a legitimate hardwood contractor.

Discount Wood Flooring

Discount wood flooring is not an option these days, as the ever evolving Lumber Liquidators scandal has shown us. But, there are things you can do to get costs down so that you can have hardwood floors in your home without huge costs.

The first thing you might do is consider having your hardwood flooring in only some of the rooms in your home. This was how families afforded to put carpeting in their homes when that became the big fad. They carpeted the living room and left the bedrooms with just the hardwood flooring. These days we’re over the carpeting craze and want hardwood. So, you can do the opposite by putting hardwood flooring in the living room and leaving the rest with carpet.

Another idea is to use vinyl. There is a vinyl product that looks just like hardwood flooring. It is a beautiful look and it holds up far better than real wood. Plus, you don’t have to refinish it periodically. This vinyl can save you an awful lot of money and is close to the look of the real thing.

US Hardwood and Carpet

Give us a call at US Hardwood and Carpet and we’ll go over these options and many others, so that you don’t have to take chances with your health by installing discount wood flooring.

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