Floor trends are something to look at when you’re considering an update. If you choose something that peaked years ago, you’ll be outdated before you’re finished replacing the floor. So, by checking into up and coming styles or what is just ready to catch on with homeowners as the latest and greatest look, you’ll have a floor that cashes in on being stylish for many years to come.

Floor Trends

This year for bathrooms, the floor trends are so 3000 BCE. Those tiny colorful tiles that are the ancient version of the pixel are back in a big way. The Romans used these little tiles to create masterpieces that are still beautiful even today. Now it is your turn to make your bathroom floor a work of art. Although, it’ll be a lot easier for you than it was for a homeowner in ancient Rome.

The mosaic masterpieces of today’s bathroom, era 2019 CE, tend to be a repetitive design and not depicting a god enjoying the great outdoors or his or her companion. Designs that do well in repetitive tile design are chevron, herringbone and squares. To be completely stylish, put mosaic on the floor, but use the large marble tiles on the shower walls and the walls of the bathroom.

But it isn’t all about mosaics. Vinyl planks are all the rage, especially when they mimic wood planks. You can have a beautiful waterproof floor that looks just like a hardwood floor, but without the water stain problems. Today’s vinyl has some amazing looks.


For color choices, keep it grey, but a lighter grey mixed with tints of green and light blue. Even white with accents in light greys, blues and greens are very popular right now. Think beach motif. You want to reflect the light.

When you need to find out what’s popular right now, stop by our showroom at US Hardwood and Carpet and we’ll be happy to help.

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