Is laminate flooring right for you? On many home projects, both in a new home or a remodeling project, homeowners naturally want to consider the best floor for the home.

For a variety of reasons, laminate flooring (also called engineered flooring) can be a very good option. It is easier to work with, less expensive to install, and the work can be done faster so it fits well into a time-sensitive project. Many homeowners also appreciate that the laminate is prefinished so the buyer can see exactly what it will look like.

Environmental Issues with Laminate Flooring

While all the above is true, it doesn’t mean that choosing the best laminate flooring can be done without careful consideration. For instance, not all laminate floors are good in all environments, which is why they are ranked by RH (relative humidity). RH includes the outside climate (heat, humidity) as well as the inside environment (furnaces and air conditioning). RH can also be affected by the work being done on the job site, because the floors are often laid early and are subject to inconsistent air/heat and exposure to the elements.

For instance, in a place where the furnace is running all winter, there are different levels of humidity than in a home that is in a moderate climate with a lot of moisture in the air. Likewise, a desert city such as Phoenix is very different than Houston. Both cities are hot, but you might not use the same laminate floor in both places because of the differences in humidity.

While many people praise the ease of installing laminate flooring, the same advice you would use with any important element in your home applies: work with, or seek the advice of, a professional before you make any buying choices.

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