There is a right way and a wrong way to clean natural stone. If you use the wrong types of products on your natural stone, (like Travertine, limestone, onyx or marble), you can permanently damage it. Installing natural stone tiles are a big investment and of course, you want them to stay beautiful for many years. Follow these tips on keeping your stone tiles gorgeous and clean.

How to Clean a Natural Stone Shower

Learning how to clean a natural stone shower when it is first installed is important. You cannot use just any regular household cleaner on that natural stone. But, of course, you want the stone looking beautiful for a couple of decades. This means you need to be careful what you or your housecleaner puts on the tiles.

Do Not Use:

  • Regular household cleansers that are powders or foams
  • Ammonia or ammonia containing products
  • Soap scum removers
  • Mildew stain removers
  • Scrub Free or Lysol cleaners
  • Acids such as lemon juice, citric acid or vinegar

The best way to keep your natural stone looking clean in the shower is quite simple. Just squeegee the tiles after every shower use. This will keep the stone free of most of the soap scrum and water drops.

When you shower, use detergent based products instead of natural soap. Soap likes to adhere to surfaces when combined with minerals that are found in your water. It sticks to walls, floors, glass doors and anything else it touches. Avoid that entire mess by using only detergents. They rinse cleanly and don’t stick to the tiles.

Check the grout between your tiles frequently and address any mildew or missing grout right away.

Always have a cleaner on hand that is intended for use on natural stone. When you do need to do a little spot cleaning, you’ll have what you need and won’t be tempted to use something that will damage the tiles.

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