How to remove stains from hardwood floors is going to depend on what type of stain it is. Surface stains are treated differently than those that soak way down into the wood. So, your first order of business is to stare at the stain a little bit to assess it.

How to Remove Stains from Hardwood Floors

After taking a good long look at the floor’s stain, determine if it is in the finish or if it has gone through the finish. How to remove stains from hardwood floors depends on how deep the stain.

A Cloudy White Stain

Cloudy white stains strongly suggest the spilled liquid only damaged the finish of the hardwood floor. If it is a new stain, do nothing for a couple of days. Sometimes this type of stain will dry out and not leave a trace.

If two days later it is still there, then it is time to try to remove it.

You can use a 0000 steel wool with plain toothpaste and some Old English lemon oil. Put some toothpaste on the stain. Use the steel wool to rub the toothpaste on the stain. Use strokes that go with the grain of the wood until the stain is removed. Wipe clean. Rub some lemon oil into the area after the stain is removed.

Dark Spots and Rings

If the stain is dark, this means that the stain has gone beyond the finish and into the wood. You are going to need a professional to remove this stain.

Learning how to remove stains from hardwood floors takes time and a lot of practice. If you’re a homeowner, give us a call for a reference of a professional that can remove that stain for you.

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