Laminate Flooring Installation

Beautiful, easy to maintain and more affordable than hardwoods, laminate flooring is an option that many home owners find superior for bringing warmth and sophistication into a home.  

The outer layer helps protect against scratches, making it appealing in high-traffic areas or homes with pets and children. The inner layers provide beauty, strength and resilience. The floor is durable and most brands offer warranties against stains and fading. As an alternative to other wood floor options, it’s easy to see why many people love laminate.

Very simply, flooring referred to as “floating wood tile” or “laminate” uses a laminating process to fuse together multiple layers of materials. The top coat is a clear, protective covering and the next layer is the one with the style and color. Underneath are two to three additional layers that aide strength, durability, impact and help smooth imperfections in the sub floor.

The boards attach to each other with a locking, tongue and groove system, which makes it easier to install than hardwoods, which need to be cut, fastened and glued in place.

Beauty Going Beyond Looks

Hickory. Yes, laminate flooring presents itself with the lush richness and fashionable styles that you demand and expect. Yet for all its beauty, it is Eco-friendly both in the installation and the product itself. Made from wood and wood by-products, even the most elaborate looks do not endanger our delicate Eco-system of forest and trees. And best of all, your budget will benefit from the reduced costs of production and installation.

Given all considerations, it’s no wonder that many are finding laminate flooring is the perfect way for you to have style and beauty without breaking the budget. 

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