If your home needs some tender, loving home improvement then you’ll get a higher price for it if you invest in improvements. However, not all improvements will pay off. Some are a real waste of money and others pay off big. Make sure you only spend the cash for what will give you a return on the investment.

Home Improvement before the Sale

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “It’s all about kitchens and bathrooms.” And it is. People want to see a nice looking, updated kitchen and a pretty bathroom with a new tub, shower, sink and tile. These are two things that can sell a house.

But then there is the wow factor. If a potential buyer walks in and sees gorgeous, brand new flooring throughout the house, that can sell them on your home right then and there. Flooring is a real hassle to install and nobody wants to do it. So, if your flooring is in poor shape and you want to sell then this might be the only upgrade you really need to focus on. Sure, it is going to cost several thousand, but it could get your home sold fast and sold for a far higher amount than a home with an average floor.

Things that will not give you a return on your money are things like putting in a pretty garden, installing a fence, investing in nicer furniture or appliances, replacing the furnace, upgrading windows or doors. The cash you invest in these types of things will never be recovered or help your home sell.

A new roof can help your home be picked over another, but unless your roof is leaking, that upgrade is a cost that won’t help. We hope these home improvement tips for selling your home helps you spend your cash in the right places.

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