An oak wood floor is a home décor choice that adds beauty to many settings. The wood has a traditional appearance that presents itself with familiar marks and grain, and yet each piece of flooring is individual in its beauty. For many people, oak is what they imagine when they think about hardwood floors.

Why Oak Wood Floors Are So Popular

Oak wood floors remain popular because they can fit into so many styles. The fact that oak is considered traditional means that it enhances many home and furniture choices. Equally important, oak can be stained in a variety of hues and it is versatile.

In addition to its look, oak ranks at 1290 on the Janka scale. We’ve talked about the Janka scale in other posts, and explained it is the measure of how hardy a wood is. It is a factor all buyers should consider when making flooring decisions. Oak’s ranking indicates it will be successful with active, busy families

Other Considerations Include Style and Budget

Because oak is so popular, there are a variety of widths available giving you options for the décor. Narrow widths, 2 ¼” or 3”, are what many people think of as a traditional hardwood look. Wider planks present a different look and can help scale a room.

One final choice is whether you want hardwood, or engineered (laminated) oak. While both might look the same in a room, there are multiple factors to consider when you make your choice. These factors include budget and room use.

All of these choices – the color of the stain, the width of the planks, and whether you want hardwood or engineered flooring – are individual choices which don’t have a 100% right or wrong factor. Instead, when considering oak wood floors, the best place to start is to understand your lifestyle, the home where it is being placed, and the advice of your flooring professional.

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