Compass Materials Flooring

Compass Materials has some of the best European Oak finishes. While the variety of woods may be on the lower end due to most of their pieces being oak, these custom floors are able to match almost any room. With pricing ranging in the middle area, people who buy compass materials are getting a great deal for the product. Their designs are perfect for complementing all architectural and décor styles. No matter what the aesthetic is Compass believes they will have a collection to match every style as the floor does not have to be the center point of the room. Another reason to chose Compass Materials is their quality coating which allows for detailed color tones that enhance their natural beauty. Compass 100% European Oak is tested and regulated in America, Japan, and Australia. Their flooring finish also gives an anti-scratch and UV protection layer which makes things super easy to clean. Come check out one of the biggest Compass Materials providers in Santa Clara.
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    Custom Floor Stains

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    Why Refinish Your Floors

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    Natural Finish

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