DuChateau Flooring Retailor

Due to DuChateau custom hand made products it allows for customizability, a naturally aged look, and variety. The DuChateau team is made of designers which allow for specific sizes, cuts, and finishes for your project. They also do not stain woods as they use natural reactive techniques that bring out the true character and beauty of the hardwood. They are also the first company to bring a hardwax oil finish to the US, with a blend of plant oil and wax that give a more natural matte look while also still protecting the wood. Their wide range of plank width and variation can range from 3 inches to up to 9.5 inches in width. The DuChateau team looks at their work as art and are focused on making their floors the centerpiece of homes. Their old-world way of manufacturing allows for the ultimate rustic and naturally aged look. Except these floors only gain value over time as they start looking even better with use and time. Visit the nearest DuChateau retailer in Santa Clara.
  • Custom Floor Stains

    Custom Floor Stains

    Our Team at Us Hardwood and Carpet can create you the floors of you dreams, there are hundreds of Stains and finishes to choose from

  • Why Refinish Your Floors

    Why Refinish Your Floors

    Refinish Is the way to go if you want to preserve your existing floors and avoid messy demos. Bring your floors back to life!

  • Natural Finish

    Natural Finish

    Why upgrade your flooring, The first big reason to jump into a flooring renovation is that you just want a fresh new look for your home!