Philadelphia Commercial Flooring

Philadelphia Commercial flooring has a great selection of modern floors while still being affordable. Their modern commercial flooring has a huge range of flooring options to match any room. Including carpet tile, broadloom carpet, resilient, indoor/outdoor flooring, any much more. When we get designers, builders, or general contractors we always recommend Philadelphia floors for commercial flooring jobs. This is due to their affordable price with a wide variety of flooring options. Philadelphia Commercial floors are great for high traffic areas such as schools, government buildings, retail stores, hospitality, senior living, healthcare, & multi family homes.
Philadelphia flooring also helps bring high performance & style that enhance efficiency, interaction, & engagement in offices & workplace environments. Philadelphia's Commercial flooring is the perfect balance esthetics with performance & price in the long run. Their modern commercial flooring is available now in our Santa Clara
  • Custom Floor Stains

    Custom Floor Stains

    Our Team at Us Hardwood and Carpet can create you the floors of you dreams, there are hundreds of Stains and finishes to choose from

  • Why Refinish Your Floors

    Why Refinish Your Floors

    Refinish Is the way to go if you want to preserve your existing floors and avoid messy demos. Bring your floors back to life!

  • Natural Finish

    Natural Finish

    Why upgrade your flooring, The first big reason to jump into a flooring renovation is that you just want a fresh new look for your home!