Us Hardwood and Carpet Inc Hardwood/ Engieneered Flooring Installation

Us Hardwood and Carpet Inc has the knowledge to guide you to select the correct flooring Installation method required for for you Home or Buisness! 

1. Nail Down 

Is the most common use for all types of flooring weather it be Hardwood or Engineered wood, Nails are installed into the touge and groove always add a  moisture paper.

2. Nail Down with Glue Assist

In this Installation method we both Nail down and add Glue in the tongue and groove, Best Installation method for wood 7" or wider Always add a moisture paper. 

3. Glue Down 

Might be one of the best method to install floors, Glue is spread on the sub-floor and hardwood floor is laid over the glue, The acts as a Moisture barriers, Sound and Barrier! 

4. Floating Floor with Pad Underneath 

If you are looking to save cost and time this is a geat method, with this method we glue the touge and groove and add a pad underneath.