Installing flooring can be tricky. Most people want to save some money here and there during their remodel and choose to install or refinish their flooring themselves. But is that such a good idea?

Installing Flooring

Whether you choose to install a new hardwood floor, carpet or lay tile, is doing it yourself a viable option? Installing flooring is tricky, no matter which type you choose.

As any real estate agent or construction contractor can tell you, they’ve seen a lot of flooring installation mistakes. Some are just cosmetic problems, others are serious problems. It is so common to see flooring that needs to be removed immediately after a homeowner installation that a new curse phrase has been created: homeowner install.

Everything looks easy to do, if you have little to no experience doing it. Once you get into the job of laying a new floor it is too late to stop. You must hope for the best and continue until it is finished.

Common mistakes laying hardwood flooring is to install all the floorboards in a row. Planks are supposed to be offset board by board but follow a specific pattern. Never should they be laid all in a perfect row. Also, a floor is snapped together tightly. There should be no gaps between planks.

When laying tile, your first job is to make the floor smooth, level and even. Then start in the middle of the room and work your way to the walls, constantly checking to make certain the pattern is still evenly laid.

Getting Help

There are YouTube videos that can help you with installing flooring of any kind. But, there is nothing like decades of experience with flooring. Have a retired flooring installer help you or just pay the extra and hire a professional. It is worth it to maintain your home’s value.

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