What is the best finish for hardwood floors right now? Homeowners today are taking a completely opposite approach from the decades of highly polished, super glossy floors. The hottest trend right now is an oil finish and it is popular for more than its matte beauty.

What is the Best Finish for Hardwood Floors?

The oil finish is the finish that is being installed a lot lately making it the hottest trend for 2019. It has a very warm, homey appearance with a little bit of a weather worn look. Reclaimed barn wood has been the rage for years now and the oil finish is the next best thing when it comes to that old-timey look.

But its durability is another reason this hardwood finish is so popular. It tends to hold up far better than the shiny finishes. On the downside, the oil finish is more susceptible to water spill damage, especially when it is something that sits on the floor and continually drips like it does with a floor plant. So, you need to be extra careful about water damage.

On the bright side, if you need to refinish an area, sand it and add more oil. Refinishing this type of hardwood floor is very easy and inexpensive. That is not the case with a very shiny, polyurethane finished floor.

If you are putting in a brand new hardwood floor, the oil finish is probably the best way to go. It will give you the durability you need and it has a gorgeous look that is the look everyone wants today.

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When you’re ready to change out your flooring, going with new hardwood flooring is a great choice for both beauty and durability. Stop in and we’ll discuss what is the best finish for hardwood floors for your lifestyle.

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