Your choice of tile flooring was a good one if you enjoy the low maintenance and the clean look, but what to clean tile floors with to bring out their best? Is vinegar or a tea bag solution the best way? Wouldn’t tea color my tile?

What to Clean Tile Floors With to Make Them Like New

Be wary of articles telling you that it is good to mop your floors weekly with vinegar. This is not what to clean tile floors with for regular maintenance. Vinegar, tea bag solutions, lemon juice and other acids can do damage to the finish of your floors. These types of cleaners can be used occasionally when there is a soap scum film on the finished tile and you want to easily remove it, but never for stone.

The best thing to use on your tile floors is a pH neutral cleaner. In the store or at your floor and carpet shop, look for a cleaner that lists the specific use of cleaning stone, if your tile is unfinished (without that clear glaze on top). For a glazed tile like porcelain or most ceramic tiles, a gentle detergent like dish soap should work well.

What you want to avoid doing is using a sponge mop. The sponge of the mop will deposit dirt and liquid into the grout. This means that every time you mop your grout looks worse. The better way is to use a microfiber cloth or mop. Any cotton cleaning towel will work well, too if you’re mopping by hand.

See our other blog posts that explain the best ways to clean grout. The easiest way to do this is to use only one finger – dial the phone to call the floor steam cleaning place to do it for you.

We hope that this blog post on what to clean floors with saves your tile from using acids that damage tile.

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