There are a variety of excellent laminate flooring options for you to consider. However, like any significant choice in your home décor, be sure that you consider the practical aspects as well. Not sure where to start? Help is here.

Laminate Flooring and Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle has significant influence on your laminate flooring choice. There is a lot of wear and tear in the home of an active family with children, pets and activities. So, if your home is where the kids pile in after sports, or if there are multiple pets, keep in mind that light-colored floors show drips, spills and tracked-in dirt right away. Darker floors tend to show dust, “dust bunnies,” and animal hair.

Also take lifestyle into consideration when choosing the pattern, style and thickness of the planks that you choose.

The upshot: if you are decorating for a high-activity home, consider the mid-range of hues. Also consider the use of patterned flooring that looks like natural stone or other textures.

Flooring in a Room Remodel

If you are adding a room or remodeling a specific area, consider how the floor will look with the existing hallways and rooms. It is not necessary to match exactly, though that is always an option, but you do want a harmonious look throughout. You also want the floor to have the same sound and feel as the rest of the house. Thicker boards sound more natural, so consider boards that are 8mm (.32 in.) up to 12mm (.48 in.). Talk to your flooring professional about the thickness that is most durable for the activity in your household.

Ready to love your laminate flooring? The versatility and budget considerations are significant. Just be sure to do your homework up front and you’ll find yourself on solid footing for years to come.

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