Wrinkles in carpet produce a pain in the neck – often literally. One stumble in the dark over a carpet crease can cause big trouble. Luckily, professionals often easily fix this situation without costly, total replacements. To start, find out what caused the wrinkle in the first place.

Wrinkles in Carpet – Why?

Wrinkles in carpet appear from two main sources: installation issues and moisture. You can easily identify moisture. Standing water from incidents such as a water heater or roof leak obviously becomes a prime suspect. However, some wrinkles also appear or increase after steam cleaning with too wet of a setting. Both amateurs and professional cleaners often make this mistake, leaving buckled carpets in their wake. Improper installation stems from insufficient stretching or improperly securing carpets. An improper pad installed below the carpet may also lead to carpet bunching.

How does identifying a carpet wrinkle’s source help you fix your problem? If moisture is the issue, try thoroughly drying the carpet to restore its shape prior to making any maintenance decisions. A flooring professional can identify if the initial installation failed to property stretch or secure a carpet. They can also help you determine if your pad should be replaced. Even if stretched tight and attached again, carpet over an inferior or ill-suited pad will continue to buckle and wrinkle in the future. All carpets bear manufacturers’ pad specification, depending on the style. Buying too thick of padding may seem like a more comfortable option, but can actually pull carpet from its tack strip.

Wrinkles in carpet cause design blemishes and endanger your family and guests. It’s best to identify your carpet problem’s source and fix it as soon as possible. Enjoy the beauty and comfort you intended with your purchase, as well as safety.

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