Mirage Flooring: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Mirage Floor

Mirage flooring is made by combining wood fibers with resin and other materials that create a unique look and feel. The result is a beautiful, durable surface that looks great in any room. In our Santa Clara Flooring Store we carry Mirage hardwood and engineered wood. 

Types of Mirage Floors 

The most common type of mirage floor is engineered hardwood, but they also sell solid. These floors are made from one piece of wood. They come in many different sizes and shapes. Some are designed to be used indoors while others are meant to be installed outdoors. Mirage wood products are made in Canada and USA and their solid wood selections come in red oak, redwood, white oak, maple. They also carry engineered wood which is easier to maintain and more water-resistant. Mirage Floors has engineered maple, hickory, walnut, red oak, white oak, and it all comes from some of the highest grade quality of wood. They are available in a variety of colors & collections. Below is a link for hardness of wood species to help you decide which wood is best for you.

Find Out Which Type Is Right For You.

Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Engineered Mirage floors are generally more expensive than solid wood. Solid hardwood also require more maintenance because they're harder to clean and maintain. However, solid Mirage wood does last longer than other types.
Engineered wood is usually less expensive than solid ones. They're easier to install and maintain than solid ones. They also tend to be more durable than solid ones. Below is a link to help decide which floors are best for you!

Mirage Flooring Types 

Discover the Advantages of Mirage Floors.

- Voted #1 for quality in North America by dealers

- Most wear-resistant floor

- Hypoallergenic finish safe for kids and the environment

- 1,000+ colors, widths, species, and finishes

- Environmentally friendly and sustainable company

- 35 Year warranty

Mirage Flooring Advantages & Benefits

Choose the Perfect Color Scheme.

Mirage flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You'll find everything from traditional wood tones to bright, modern hues. Before choosing a color scheme, consider how much natural light will enter your room. If you live in a sunny area, you might choose a lighter shade of wood. If you live in an area with more shadows, you might opt for darker shades. Their website allows for easy search as you can sort by color, species, and collection.  On their website their is a  room visualizer that allows for you to see how the new hardwood floors will look in your home!

InstaVU Floor Visualizer 

Mirage hardwood flooring colors include white, beige, natural, golden, orange, brown, reddish-brown, dark brown, black, light brown, light grey, and grey.


Textures to Fit Any Room.

While most people seem to like the smoother surface, Mirage believes the texture of their floors can add depth. Mirage does sell a Smooth textured wood that has a silky surface. Their Brushed texture allows for a soft velvety look that you can feel. Mirage floors also sells a cork and engraved texture to offer more distinctive looks. Below is a link that explains Mirage flooring textures. 

Mirage Flooring Textures 101

Superior Flooring Finishes that Last Years. 

Mirage flooring has 4 major finishes; Duramatt, Duramatt X, Cashmere, and NanoLinx Commercial. All of Mirage floor's residential finishes come with a 35-year warranty. The two most common finishes on Mirage products are Duramatt and Cashmere. Mirage is the first flooring company that uses Nanotechnology to protect their floors while still being hypo-allergenic. 

Grade Selection like No Other.

Mirage floors is different in their ability to classify woods as they have Character, Exclusive, & Select and Better. 
Character - high in color variation, knots, mineral streaks, cracks, surface holes, and gives a natural nature look. Their character wood planks give realistic natural wood characteristics. 
Exclusive - ranges of pronounced & nuanced color variation, small knots, less mineral streaks.
Select & Better - uniform wood grain with very slight variation in natural shading (not available on all collections)

Mirage Floors Collections

Flair - Inspired by natural grace of wood, comes in maple, white oak, & hickory, character grade wood, smooth and brushed textures, engineered plank width: 5", 6-1/2", 7-3/4", solid plank width: 4-1/4" (only available for maple & white oak)

Sweet Memories - All of the true characteristics of wood, including variation of colors, knots, mineral streaks, surface marks, character grade, variation on smooth and brushed textures. 

Imagine - An ideal texture to hide everyday wear, only available in maple and red oak, only available in character grades & cork textures, maple & red oak engineered imagine collection plank widths are available in 5", 6-1/2", 7-3/4". While Mirage sells their classic solid wood at 4-1/4" available in both maple & red oak.

Natural - Mirage floors natural collection allows the richness of the wood to shine, available in select & better, exclusive, & character, Mirage sells natural maple, red oak, white oak, hickory, and walnut. Available in solid wood and engineered wood sizes can vary from 5"-7-3/4" for engineered wood.

DreamVille - Trendy, natural-looking floors with a matte finish, engineered oak floors, 5" or 7" width.

Escape - Looking for neutral-toned floors that bring a warm home atmosphere? The Escape collection comes in red oak & maple with a character           

Admiration - Trendy colors for unique looks, comes in exclusive grade, and a variety of textures such as smooth, engraved, & brushed. Their solid and engineered woods come in a variety of plank widths, but the specialty in this collection comes in White, Cream, & Black tones.  

Mirage Hardwood & Engineered Wood Selection



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